Platform Benefits

Accurate – As markets grow tighter, consumers more demanding, and the competition an ever greater threat, the demand for more precision in predictive models continues to increase. Yottamine will deliver greater accuracy to overcome these challenges, here’s why:

  • Advanced machine learning theory based automation means models are built to the level of complexity required for the job while being unfettered by time or budgetary constraints, or challenging data.
  • Yottamine learns independently, or semi independently of human input, accuracy issues based on human error are greatly reduced.
  • Intelligent solutions designed into the technology to address data challenges that lead to poor quality or failed models.

Fast – As deadlines for making important decisions draw ever closer, and decisions more granular, solutions based on monthly or quarterly time-frames need not apply. Yottamine delivers critical time savings across each phase of the the project.

  • Little or no pre-processing is required.
  • Once data is up-loaded only five or six steps are required to initiate a project.
  • Highly scalable computing power to ensure critical understanding is delivered on time and independent of data volume, or complexity.

Easy to Use – Top talent is always hard to come by, and nearly always stretched thin when available. Yottamine can automate your team’s most time consuming activities while providing tools to manage the process and quality. The Yottamine predictive platform is intuitive and the user will easily understand its organization and the steps to launch each project. Tutorials are provided allowing the user to quickly become proficient on the platform.