Consulting Services

New to the area of predictive analytics and wonder how it can help improve your business? Yottamine offers consulting services that can help you get started. Contact us today and let us help you!


Wondering whether you will benefit from our consulting services? If you answer “Yes” to most of the questions below, Yottamine Consulting Services may be the solution for you!

  • Project-Based Demand: Do you only need predictive analytics on a project-basis?
  • Expert-Knowledge Required: Do you need expert knowledge to guide you through what data you can use to improve your business?
  • Fast turnaround Do you require fast delivery of building models?
  • Professional Guidance: Are you new to the area of predictive analytics and need professional guidance on how to get started?
  • Custom data-mining solution: Looking for something unconventional and cutting edge to blow away the competition? We have more than 30 years of combined experience on applying state-of-the-art predictive analytic techniques to all kinds of real-world settings. We can help you tap into the latest breakthrough in this area in a matter of days instead of months and years.

What Yottamine Consulting Services Offers

1. Real-world experience in application of predictive analytics:
With combined experience of more than 30 years, and internationally recognized data-mining experts, Yottamine have extensive experience in helping clients applying predictive analytics to real-world settings.
2. Introduce predicitve analytics:
We evaluate how your exisitng or future data can generate predicitve analytics in helping you make information-based decisions.
3. Short turnaround:
We provide fast model building as well as delivery based on client's demands.
4. Flexibility in pricing:
If you need predictive analytics on a project basis, Yottamine Consulting Services provides project-based consulting to accommodate your data-mining needs.