YottamineAI for Financial Market

Predict Investment Strategy Outcome Using Machine Learning

Investment strategy prediction has always been one of the greatest challenges to operating a successful managed portfolio. Both hedge fund and mutual fund managers rely on generating trust in their predictive strategies to attract investment – and many are finding it to be a tough sell.

The Wall Street Journal reports that investors have been withdrawing more funds from hedge funds than they have been putting in starting as far back as Q4 2015. This indicates a clear need for a new approach to the quickly diversifying market – as a portfolio manager, you need to offer potential investors more than your competition does.

YottamineAI is a breakthrough in AI combined with machine learning that can help traders determine, much more accurately, when certain strategies should be used based on current market conditions. YottamineAI learns from historical performance of your trading strategies and the associated market data, then makes a prediction of the future performance of your trading strategies depending on the current market.

How Machine Learning Helps Fund Management


YottamineAI uses the power of machine learning to create highly accurate predictive models of investment strategies. Predictive modeling is already a fixture of the financial and insurance industries, where it allows analysts to generate broad predictions of future outcomes based on current and historical data.

The complex world of financial investment has, until now, remained out of the reach of conventional predictive analysis. Traditional approaches simply require too much data to make accurate predictions. Rapid changes in market dynamics have made it impossible to observe so much relevant data before its next movement and hence data becomes quickly outdated. However, YottamineAI uses proprietary machine learning to cut down the need for massive data sets – the system makes accurate predictions using only a small subset of data to learn and predict changing market dynamics.

To demonstrate how YottamineAI can predict outcome of investment strategies, the figures on the right illustrate YottamineAI can reliably predict the outcome of four different currency funds, which were randomly selected and with very diverse investment strategies.

YottamineAI increases investor ROI while avoids undue risk because the AI focuses on large positive returns and avoids large negative losses through secure investment strategy. Machine learning makes this possible because it removes any possible human bias from the equation – the machine helps you determine the most optimal investment strategy by learning from simulated trials of real-world data of your current investment strategies. It objectively learns from both the successes and mistakes of your current strategies and makes accurate predictions on how your investment strategies may perform in the future based on current market conditions, thus allowing you to select and execute the best strategies to maximize your return.

This is markedly different than pure traditional quantitative finance modeling approaches. Machine learning allows YottamineAI to tweak and adjust its own parameters in response to new data.

While machine learning in investment prediction is becoming increasingly widespread, it has remained outside the skillset of the typical mutual or hedge fund manager until now. YottamineAI changes that by making AI accessible and easy to use.

Securely Leverage Artificial Intelligence with YottamineAI

Beyond achieving higher ROI by automating its own programming to deliver ever-improving investment strategies, YottamineAI offers several key benefits to portfolio managers:

1. Machine Learning Expertise Not Required


One of the most important differentiators between us and competing machine learning investment predictors is that we build machine learning models and implement them for you. Instead of trying an open-source machine learning environment platform, we use your existing financial data to create predictions through a cloud-based web application. YottamineAI has an intuitive user interface that allows you to easily upload data and manage various models for all your investment strategies.
Rather than trying to hire or train staff to manage machine learning, you can implement the powerful, AI-driven predictive models in your investment strategy right away. This makes YottamineAI the most user-friendly machine learning investment strategy tool on the market.

2. Cloud-Based Solution Provides Immediate Returns


The fact that we take your data and use it to securely produce high quality predictive models means that we host our services on a secure cloud environment without compromising the quality of our predictions. The practical benefit of this approach is that you gain access to powerful predictive modeling services that taps into the enormous compute power of the cloud. As an example, computing a model with 100 data points using YottamineAI could take more than 2 weeks on a typical quad-core laptop. On the other hand, using a powerful computer cluster in the cloud can reduce this down to only a few hours.
Compared to the cost- and labor-intensive alternative of setting up powerful on-premises servers, YottamineAI allows for more immediate returns, as setup time is insignificant and the platform itself is location-independent.

3. World-Class Security Ensures Trade Secrets Stay Safe

Any responsible decision-maker in a managed portfolio environment wants to make sure that company and client financial data remains safe. Today’s cloud solutions offer excellent cybersecurity, and recent research by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) shows that modern cloud hosting is on average more secure than on-premises solutions for housing data.
We use powerful cybersecurity tools to ensure industry-leading protection of our partners’ data. That includes dual-factor authentication, robust data encryption, and isolated computing resources. For additional security, not even the YottamineAI system stores or understands data context – it doesn’t have to. The system looks for broad numerical patterns and makes predictions based on them. There is no need to share your trade secrets with us or with our machine learning platform.

Find out how you can improve your investment strategies using next-generation AI and machine learning. Contact Yottamine Analytics at sales@yottamine.com and we will work with you to integrate YottamineAI’s predictive power into your managed portfolio.