Yottamine Predictive Platform Architecture

The Yottamine Predictive Platform is a public or private cloud-based system for rapidly building predictive models from Big Data.

 Yottamine Stack

YPP consists of Big Data and Cloud infrastructure software on the bottom and user applications and interactions on the top.

Between them is the heart of the YPP system, comprising:

  • Services for storage, configuration, and data manipulation that are transparent to users.

  • A selection of machine learning algorithms for standard linear and non-linear modeling.

  • Yottamine’s patent-pending Optimized Prediction for business-driven modeling.

  • Interactive R interface or Java API for data manipulation and system control.

YPP makes the low level infrastructure transparent to the user by automating system configuration and management functions.  Also, YPP presents the interactive user or application programmer with straightforward tools for building and using models and automates iterative parameter testing.

So, in addition to being fast and scalable, the YPP system also significantly enhances user productivity.